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In 1995, Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund added Saltmarsh Financial Advisors, LLC to the firm’s suite of service. This addition enables the Firm to provide conflict-free financial planning and investment management to our clients. Since brokers and registered representatives are typically compensated through commissions or production based sales, our clients appreciate the value of receiving investment advice through fee-only independent advisors with solid technical skills.

Saltmarsh Financial Advisors partners with one of the leading fund families in the world to provide low cost wealth management solutions, based on Nobel Prize recognized research to our clients.

Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund was established in 1944 in Pensacola, Florida and is one of the largest locally-owned certified public accounting firms in the Southeast. Today, Saltmarsh offers a full range of professional services from accounting and taxation to consulting and investment management-all based on the Firm’s mission statement and core values: “Achieving Success by Contributing to the Success of Others” and “Integrity and Honesty, Respect, Creativity and Quality Service”. It is this philosophy, based on the principles of yesterday, that has helped the Firm grow to over 100 employees in four cities across the state of Florida and has earned the Firm recognition by INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) as one of the top 200 Accounting firms in the United States.

Fee-Only Fiduciary vs. Broker

In financial services there are two regulatory standards that advisors are held to-the Fiduciary Standard and the Suitability Standard. As Registered Investment Advisors, Saltmarsh Financial Advisors is governed by the Fiduciary Standard which means we have a legal obligation to put our clients’ best interest ahead of our own. We do not sell products or receive compensation from the mutual funds we recommend. Conversely, brokers are held to the Suitability Standard, which simply requires the broker to sell investments they believe are suitable for their clients, not necessarily what is best for the client. Brokers are essentially salespeople who are compensated by commissions or a production based bonus. This may cause a conflict of interest because the products and mutual funds that are BEST for the advisor may have higher costs for the investor.

To understand if your best interests are a top priority for your financial professional, ask if they are regulated under the Fiduciary or Suitability Standard.

How does Saltmarsh Financial Advisors, LLC distinguish themselves versus the competition?

Client Education - We bring clarity to the planning and investment process for our clients.

Investment Philosophy and Discipline - We believe free markets are efficient; risk and return are inseparable; diversification and rebalancing are crucial; and costs matter.

Independence - As fee-only registered investment advisors, we work for our clients and receive no compensation from the funds we recommend.

Expertise - As a CPA firm affiliated financial advisory business, we add value to our clients through our combined experience and knowledge in finance, investment management, financial planning, estate, trust and individual tax planning.

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