Magnificent 7 Outperformance May Not Continue

02/19/2024 - By Dimensional Fund Advisors

The Magnificent 7 stocks continue to capture the focus of investors as these large growth names have outpaced the bulk of global equities. Their outperformance is notable because eye-popping returns for top stocks tend to occur before they reach the top of the market. Once there, subsequent returns tend to lag the market.

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Many Happy Returns

01/26/2024 - By David Booth

This past year had its share of financial uncertainty, from inflation and rising interest rates to volatile stock and bond markets. Headlines added to the unease, from the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and other lenders to the threat of government shutdowns. So it’s no surprise some people feel anxious right now. When it comes to investing during trying times, it can be easy to lose track of how well markets function. Spoiler alert: They’ve been working just the way we’d expect.

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2023: A Year In Review

01/12/2024 - By Chris Stennett, CFP

As investors rang in the New Year of 2023, there was a lot to be apprehensive about. Inflation was still high as the Fed was aggressively raising rates, leading to a historically bad year for combined stock and bond investors. Though 2022 had ended with a late-year rally, almost every economist gave some probability that the US was headed for a recession in 2023. It seems the markets did not get the memo. The S&P 500 (large companies) finished up 24%, The Russell 2000 (small companies) was up 15%, and the Nasdaq 100 (technology companies) finished up 43% on the year. Leading the charge were 7 household names affectionately known as…

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What's Happening at Saltmarsh

Saltmarsh Awarded 2024 Best of Accounting

02/09/2024 - By Nancy Patton

We're excited to announce that we have won ClearlyRated's Best of Accounting® Award for providing superior service to their clients for the second year in a row!

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Saltmarsh Announces Internal Promotions of 2024

02/01/2024 - By Gabby Symons

We’re proud to announce the following internal promotions as of January 1, 2024!

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Investing in Tomorrow: Saltmarsh Financial Advisors and D&I Committee Present at West Florida High School

12/27/2023 - By Michelle Mobley

Earlier this month, our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Outreach Committee partnered with Sarah Horne and Pierce Broscious, of Saltmarsh Financial Advisors to present to students at West Florida High School in Pensacola. 

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