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Digital Assets and 21st Century Estate Planning

10/04/2021 - By Chris Stennett, CFP

Today, more than ever, our daily routines are intertwined with a digital world that didn’t exist that long ago. Collectively, we wake up and check our phones. “For missed calls”, you ask? No, for every reason except actual phone calls. Whatever the reason, your phone has become the gateway to your life. Welcome to the 21st century! But what happens to your digital life when you’re no longer physically alive? The answer has a lot to do with the preparations you’ve made before you pass. 

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Crypto: Currency or Investment?

09/27/2021 - By Saltmarsh Financial Advisors

In this video (from June 22, 2021) moderated by Regional Director Courtney Scott, Philipp Meyer-Brauns, PhD, Head of Investment Solutions Analytics and Vice President at Dimensional, discusses the volatility associated with bitcoin and evaluates whether the cryptocurrency has an expected return, can mitigate investment uncertainty, or could be used to meet short-term liquidity needs. He also analyzes the role bitcoin could play in investment portfolios.

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Cryptocurrency - It's Time to Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room

09/20/2021 - By Joshua Jackson, CPA

I never thought I would write about cryptocurrency, but with a current global market cap of $2.24 trillion, it doesn’t really matter what I might think about it anymore. There is simply too much money in this space to ignore it any longer.

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What's Happening at Saltmarsh

Jordan Speed Earns Certified Public Accountant Designation

10/15/2021 - By Allie Jackson

We are excited to announce that Jordan Speed has officially been designated as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Jordan worked hard to complete the parts required to pass the CPA exam, and that hard work has paid off! 

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Our 33 "Saltmarsh Way" Fundamentals Awards 2021

09/27/2021 - By Allie Jackson

This year, we hosted our first ever Saltmarsh Fundamental Awards Ceremony! This celebration recognized individuals who live our 33 "Saltmarsh Way" Fundamentals to the fullest. We have phenomenal team members at Saltmarsh which made it tough to pick the winners! 

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Saltmarsh Named Best Accounting Service and Best Financial Planning by Tampa Bay Times

08/23/2021 - By Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund

We are honored to be recognized by the Tampa Bay Times as a 'Best of the Best' Best Accounting/Tax Service! We are also so excited for Saltmarsh Financial Advisors, LLC, who was also named a 'Best of the Best' Best Financial Planner in Tampa Bay!

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